Empower DoD with Modeling and Simulation capabilities that effectively and efficiently support the full spectrum of the Department's activities and operations.

Mission Statement
M&SCO performs those key corporate-level coordination functions necessary to encourage cooperation, synergism, and cost-effectiveness among the M&S activities of the DoD Components. The M&SCO is the Executive Secretariat for DoD M&S Management in fostering the interoperability, reuse, and affordability of crosscutting M&S to provide improved capabilities for DoD operations... read more.

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Message from the Director of M&SCO, Mr. Jesse Citizen
Mr. Jesse Citizen

Greetings! Thank you for your interest in the DoD Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office (M&SCO) - the focal point for the Department's modeling and simulation activities. M&SCO continuously strives to foster relationships with M&S stakeholders and partner with the Federal government, industry, academia, and international defense agencies. Through our partnerships, we champion and promote interoperability and reuse of M&S through the creation and coordination of policy/guidance, tools, and standards.....read more.

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DoD Armed with Science:  Virtual Gaming = Military Training

In a warehouse looking much like a laser tag game room, nine soldiers gear up with flip down goggle mounts, sensors strapped to their arms and legs and carry a computer-enhanced weapon system...read more.